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Rugby Trophies - 50% off For Schools

Cup Trophies Huge Range

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Resin Rugby Trophies

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Glass Trophies and Awards

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Silver Salvers

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Half Price Rugby Trophies for Schools

At Trophies2Schools we are offering an exclusive deal of half price trophies, medals and awards to all schools on orders over £25. We only sell high quality prestigious trophy awards and have a huge range of rugby trophies all of which are safe for children, impressive looking and perfect for your school, college or university rugby presentation.

Our rugby trophies are suitable for all ages meaning they can be used for mini and junior clubs, divisions and leagues as well as adults. They can also be used for touch or tag rugby and 7 a side rugby teams and leagues.

Along with our huge discounts we have quick delivery, and friendly staff making us the best place to buy rugby trophies for schools online!

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