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Trophies, Medals & Awards FOR Schools

An exemplary range of School Trophies, Medals, and Awards available at the lowest prices in Britain thanks to our discounts of up to an incredible 50%OFF trophy shop prices! As the UK’s leading provider of recognition awards, we have put together a superb range of religious, academic, sporting, anti-bullying, incentive, attitude, and incentive awards which are ideal for just about any pupil or child-based accolade.

Our solutions cover all academic, educational, ,incentive or recognition needs whether on or off the curriculum and our typical customers include:

    Free Schools & Academies

    Boarding Schools

    Faith Schools

    Independent/Grammar/Private/Secondary Schools

    Pre-schools/Nurseries/Infant Schools/Primary Schools

Cheap School Trophies e Really the Cheapest?

    Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality school-related trophie,s, medals and awards.

    Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility

    Huge warehoused stock inventory of educational awards

    All items are assembled and finished (engraved,, printed etc.) on site

    We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales base

    Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man

Huge Choice Schools Trophies and Awards

Our portfolio of educational products stretches across a vast range of school trophies, medals plus ribbons, fluted cups, hallmarked silver & silver plated cups, wood & plastic plaques, wood shields, glass awards, metal bowls, resin figures, silver salvers and various perpetual awards which will cater for any budget, taste or preference.

Trophies and Awards for Subjects, Behaviour and More

The size and flexibility of our portfolio of educational awards meanscane able to provide for all core subjects such as English, Mathematics,, Science, and Computincross to the many areas of school life which are at the core of modern teaching practices such as:


    Development/Class Buddy/Citizenship



    Good Behaviour




    Spiritual/Spelling/Star Pupil


    Worker of the Week/Month/Year


    Star’ and ‘Oscar’ Style Trophies & Medals

    We have hundreds of generic school trophy options which lend themselves well to educational accolades but we also offer a range of ‘star’ themed awards that are used to signify achievement or success. They are available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze finish medals together with the altogether upmarket glass versions which can be personalised using engraving, etching, and shot-blasting. If you’re looking for that touch of Hollywood razzmatazz for proms or parties, we can even supply budget ‘OSCAR’ style trophies which can be used for a whole host of applications.

    School Sports Day Trophies, Medals and Awards

    Sport is still so much part of the school curriculum and that reflects in the massive range of Sports Day trophies, medals, and awards options that Direct Source offers to cover every eventuality. From track and field to the many novelty sports and activities that make up a fun-filled sports day.

    Here are some examples of some of the events and activities we cater for outside of normal track and field:

      Bucket game/Beanbag

      Egg and Spoon

      Hula Hoop Race

      Obstacle Course

      Relay Race

      Slow Riding Bikes/Sack Race/Skipping/Space-Hooper /Standing Long Jump

      Tug of War/Three-Legged Race

      Wheelbarrow Race

    Schools Medals – FREE Neck Ribbons Gold

    Rewarding excellence is not always the objective and Direct Source has recognised this fact by producing a range of quality budget medals that are supplied with a FREE neck ribbon making them ideal for participants or entrants who deserve a memento of the occasion. We have a choice of 30 different colours and colorways which can be used to match your particular school colours if you need to. If you’re looking to personalise your medals, we can always engrave them for you and/or add fully personalised full-colour centre inserts incorporating your logo, crest, motto, or event details.

    Your School can Buy Online Using Purchase Orders

    All educational customers can buy online using a purchase order, just submit your order in the normal way but select the purchase order option at the checkout stage. Then wait for your details to be reviewed by our customer service team who will forward by email the order confirmation via. You are then required to forward by email a purchase order to confirm your payment terms for your order to be dispatched. Please view our buying link below.

    We are aASpecialise in Suppling Trophies and Awards To Schools

    We have spent a great deal of time comprising a range of school trophies, medals, and awards that we think best fit the needs of teachers inside and out of the classroom which is why we have become the leading provider to schools all around the UK. Our seamless online ordering and quotation system enables parents, teachers, or governors to place orders knowing that they are getting the best value and quality coupled with industry-leading service.

    Require Immediate Information?

    Please use our live chat service if you require immediate help or call our Sales Team on 02920 814828 for any questions related to the Direct Source range of Schools Trophies, Medals, and Awards which may include information concerning logo/crest personalisation, clearance lines, engraving or meeting your delivery deadlines.

    If you’re ready to go, simply place your selections in the cart to either place an order or request a detailed no-obligation quotation which will be emailed to you within one working hour.