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Trophies2Schools is the number one supplier of Trophies, Medals, Cups and Plaques to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities and Nurseries.

See online our unique range of Trophies, Medals and Awards for sport performance and recognition, and merit awards for learning performance awards for achievement /merit in subject, sport, behaviour, attendance, numeracy and literacy.

You are able to buy online over 2000 trophies, medals and awards at 50% off trophy shop prices. We offer a full engraving service and we are able to deliver quickly anywhere in the U.K.

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Ask for more details on our student or pupil awards and trophies.

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Sport Awards include

Rugby Trophies Medals

Football Trophies Medals

Netball Trophies Medals

Cricket Trophies Medals

Athletics Trophies Medals

Swimming Trophies Medals

Netball Trophies Medals

Hockey Trophies Medals

Tennis Trophies Medals

Basketball Trophies Medals

Chess Trophies Medals

Dance Trophies Medals

Subjects and Academic Awards include

Maths Awards

English Awards

Science Awards

I.T. Awards

Spelling Awards

Geography Awards

Language Awards



Design Technology


Various Other Schools Awards

School Prom Trophies

Academic Awards

Eco Awards

Kindness Awards

Tidying Awards

Special Awards

Student Awards

Pupil Awards

Good Behaviour Awards

Attendance Awards

Special Pupil Awards

Star Pupil Awards

Spelling Awards

Painting Awards

Citizen Awards

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