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Achievement Trophies - 50% OFF For Schools

Prestige Achievement Awards Gold Plated

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Novelty Achievement Trophies - Half Price for Schools - UK's Lowest Prices

Here at Trophies2Schools we are the UK's cheapest supplier of Novelty Achievement Statue Trophies to schools. We stock Fun Novelty Achievement/Party Awards to suit every price range, from small plastic figures on marble starting at £2.15, right up to gold plated heavy statues suitable for high level prestigious award ceremonies. 

All of our trophies are half price for schools on orders over £25. They can be delivered anywhere quickly in time for your important presentation or award ceremony.

Our Novelty Achievement Trophies are used for a wide range of awards and events in schools, universities and colleges. They can be used for joke awards such as Biggest Flirt or Worst Dance for events such as Prom Nights, End of Year Ceremonies, and End of Season Presentations for school sport teams.

They are also ideal for many more serious awards such as dance, performing arts and music awards, as well as media studies end of year award ceremonies.

You can add Achievement Trophies and awards to your basket and submit an enquiry to us. We will email you back our best price and only then do you choose whether to go ahead with your order, meaning there is no need to pay today and nothing to lose in submitting your order to us.

If you need any more information from the UK's cheapest supplier of Achievement Trophies and Awards, please call us on the number at the top of the page.

For the avoidance of doubt, these statues are not Oscar replicas nor are they provided, endorsed or in any way associated with the Oscars, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or the Hollywood film industry.

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